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Business development

  • Strategy Formation

  • Brand Development

  • Pipeline Analysis

  • Customer Engagement Planning

  • Client Case Studies & Success Stories

  • Marketing & Sales Services

We know you love the work. After all, you got into this business because you like being in front of the room or on that coaching call. Prompting those "ah-ha" that's thrilling. So when your new business pipeline becomes neglected or you haven't connected with that dormant client about your new offering or you simply don't know where to start when it comes to generating new business and nurturing existing clients, we can help. We partner with you to develop a business development strategy that supports your business goals. We can also help out with the implementation if you need an extra set of hands. Making calls, writing emails or website copy, developing compelling customer success cases – think of us as your outsourced marketing and sales team.



  • Google AdWords

  • Re-targeting Campaigns

  • LinkedIn Advertising and InMail Promotions

  • Digital Display Advertising

  • Industry e-Newsletters

In the early days, advertising was a bit like taking vitamins. It was something that you felt like you should do to keep your business healthy, but it was difficult, if not impossible, to measure any positive impact as result of all that expense and effort. It's a whole different ball game today. We've fallen in love with digital advertising for one very simple reason: we can track and measure the results. If it is working, we can turn it up. If it isn't working we can pivot our approach....immediately. Either way, there is no more waiting or guessing or hoping that it works. There is the complex job of understanding the opportunity, tracking the results, and continually adjusting the campaigns. This new data-driven marketing genre is our sweet spot, and we will work closely with you to establish specific goals and a budget for your digital advertising program. We will set up campaigns and maintain them for you or we can teach you how to take them over and manage them yourself.



  • Manuscript Review and Development

  • Assessment Services

  • Author Coaching

  • Publishing Advice and Consulting

We have seen first hand the power of strong talent development content and the positive impact it can have on individuals, teams, and entire organizations. From books, workbooks and digital products to self, team and 360-degree assessments, we have extensive, unique experience partnering with authors and subject matter experts to bring their models and ideas to life. We believe these learning tools, along with flawless facilitation, serve as powerful change agents, exposing leaders and managers to fresh ideas and valuable insight.